Why Big League Foods?


  • Big League Foods, Inc. has a license from Major League Baseball Properties for confectionery products for all 30 teams.

  • MLB offers some of the most recognized brand names in the US with 6 teams being in the top 20 most valuable sports franchises in the world. (The Yankees and Dodgers being #2 and #10 respectively)


  • At over 170 million people, fans of MLB spent over $3 billion on MLB-licensed merchandise last year alone.


  • For 3 years in a row, baseball has been the highest participated sport in the US at nearly 26 million players.


  • 68 million people attended a MLB game in 2019 with an average TV viewership of nearly 100,000 per game


  • By tapping into the strong brand recognition and emotional ties to fans' hometown team, Big League Foods is able to draw attention to its products and offer retailers a way to tie into their local community like never before.


Floor Displays

Our Floor Displays are available for all 30 teams and can fit any customized mix of our product offerings including mixed teams.​

Display Ready Cases

All of our products are made and shipped in a display ready case that can immediately be placed on your shelf.

Clip Strips

Clip strips help fit our products anywhere in your store.

MLB Licensee for confectionery products based out of Gaithersburg, Maryland

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